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Welcome to the
Do Epic Sh*t
Social Media Playground

We don’t just manage socials. We f*cking ignite them.

Get ready to unleash the full potential of your brand. At Do Epic Sh*t Media, we’re in the business of shattering imposter syndrome and creating epic content! We’re not your average social media management. We’re the disruptors, the game-changers, and the architects of social media domination.

sparkling cannabis social media manager

We know you’re full of killer ideas.

You just need someone to help you

Get  your Sh*t   together.

You want to connect with your audience but don’t know where to start.

You’ve developed the business plan. You have the merch. You’re ready to get out there and connect with the audience of your dreams. But…HOW? We’ll meet you where you’re at and figure that out for you! Whether we’re building your social media from the ground up or resurrecting your failed profiles, trust us. We live for this sh*t.

You’ve tried juggling it all, but you can’t find the time to post every day.

Let me guess. You just launched your biz, but engagement dropped after launch day? You said you would post every day, but you only posted once last week? Consistency is key. We’ll take over the posting for you so you can spend your valuable time doing the sh*t you do best.

You KNOW you have a million-dollar idea but FEEL defeated.

We get it. Social media can be overwhelming. I’m sure you’re wondering, “How am I supposed to keep up with posting on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok AND run my business??” Easy. You don’t. We’ll take control of your social media so you can stop worrying about the sh*t that doesn’t drive you.

Sound Familiar?

We’ve got the Epic Sh*t you need!

Designer Knowledge

We’re constantly learning so you don’t have to. We’re always up to date with current algorithms, trends and platform features.

Dope Strategies

We’ll hunt down your top competitors and learn your niche inside and out to create custom strategies that suit your needs.

Killer Content

We believe in Quality>Quantity…but lucky for you, we can do both.

Let’s face it…your brand deserves to be f*cking epic.

Explore our full-service social media management packages, and let’s do epic sh*t together!

Brand Kickstarter

Get your sh*t together on social media with the Brand Kickstarter package!
  • 30-Minute Monthly Strategy Call
  • 12 Posts + Captions (3 Per Week)
  • 12 Stories (3 Per Week)
  • 30-Minutes of Engagement (M-F)
  • Short Form Video Editing
  • Hashtag & Trending Audio Research + Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data + Analytics Reporting

Savvy Strategist

Take charge of the digital landscape and assert your brand’s authority!
  • 30-Minute Monthly Strategy Call
  • 16 Posts + Captions (4 Per Week)
  • 16 Stories (4 Per Week)
  • 30-Minutes of Engagement (M-F)
  • Short Form Video Editing
  • Hashtag & Trending Audio Research + Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data + Analytics Reporting

Digital Domination

Dominate the digital realm and make your brand the talk of the town!
  • 30-Minute Monthly Strategy Call
  • 20 Posts + Captions (5 Per Week)
  • 20 Stories (5 Per Week)
  • 45-Minutes of Engagement (M-F)
  • Short Form Video Editing
  • Hashtag & Trending Audio Research + Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data + Analytics Reporting

DIY Epic Shit

Take the reins of your social media and become a social media pro!

Already have your backend covered, but looking for monthly content calendars? No problem. Sick of creating the content but want full control of posting? Easy. We will put together the perfect package full of epic sh*t just for you.


Epic A-La-Carte Sh*t

Not ready to commit to a long-term package? No biggie. These a-la-carte services are perfect to get the ball rolling. If you like the epic sh*t we create, we’ll stick by your side as long as you’d like.

Social Media Strategy Call:

Ready to level up your social game? Get down and dirty with a tailored strategy session. We’ll break down your social media woes, answer your burning questions and serve you a juicy, actionable plan on a silver platter.

  • Market Research
  • Social Media Audit
  • 45-Minute Strategy Call // Q&A
  • Tailored social media strategy
  • Physical content not included

Monthly Content Calendars:

Get your hands on a month’s worth of content ideas expertly tailored to your biz. No fluff, just creative inspiration that’ll make your competition green with envy.

  • 15-Minute Strategy Call
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Physical content not included

Done for You Content Creation:

Sit back and relax as we whip up eye-catching graphics, reels and stories that’ll have your audience swooning.

  • 20-Minute Strategy Call
  • Content Creation (graphics, reels, stories)
  • Posting not included

Social Media Audits:

Ready to kick your social media presence up a notch? We’ll dive deep into your socials, spy on your competitors and hand you a no-nonsense report on how to rock your online game.

  • Strategy Call
  • Full Social Media Audit (all accounts)
  • Competitor Analysis & Market Research
  • Audit Report + Content Strategy Suggestions

Platform Setup:

Starting from scratch? We’ll help you set up shop on your chosen platform, making sure you’ve got all the bells and whistles.

  • Strategy Call
  • Social Media Account Set-up
  • Highlight Covers
  • First 6 Posts & Captions
  • Hashtag List
  • Profile Picture
  • Optimized Bio

Are you local to the New Jersey area?

Let’s create epic sh*t in person!! Local businesses can add LIVE content shooting into any package! We’ll even come to you AND handle the editing!

Epic Testimonials

  • “Hi Gina! Holy S**T! The reel is amazing! Way to go, Gina, for making the risky move!”

    – Bill Betts, Canna Re Group
  • “Gina is an incredible resource and a pleasure to work with.”

    – Kami Minnite-Castro
  • “Gina Buggy is a rockstar! Great communicator, great execution and all-around badass.”

    – Reagan Hatch, Co-Owner CannaSite
    (Because we know you’re curious)


    What metrics do you track on social media?
    While the exact metrics we track may vary depending on the platform, we generally track key metrics such as engagement (likes/comments/shares/saves), reach, impressions, click-through rate and follower growth.
    What kind of businesses do you help?

    Do Epic Sh*t works with a variety of different businesses! We have worked with clients in industries such as health and wellness, beauty, cannabis, reality TV, news and media, food and drink, real estate and mortgage, auto, retail and more!

    Does Epic Sh*t Media require a contract?
    Yes and no. Our full service and engagement packages require a minimum three-month contract. A-la-carte services do not require a contract.
    Do you offer discounts?
    Yes! We offer discounts on our Social Media Packages for 6-month, 9-month and 12-month contracts. We also offer discounts to all Veteran-owned businesses!
    Ready to Ignite Your Socials?!

    Let’s Roll!

    We’re pumped to help you unleash your brand’s full potential on social media. Fill out the form below to schedule your free 1:1 discovery call! We’ll be in touch ASAP.