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We Don’t Just Manage Socials, We F*cking Ignite Them.

No bullsh*t social media management for brands that give a damn. Let’s do epic sh*t together.

Need to get your sh*t together on social media? At Do Epic Sh*t Media, we help you crush your social media challenges head-on. We’re here to kick your limiting beliefs to the curb with our unmatched expertise, tailor-made strategy plans and content that’s so freakin’ awesome, it practically screams ‘share me!!!’

From upcoming entrepreneurs and small business owners to realtors, cannabis brands and service industry specialists–we’ve got your back.

Is your social media presence leaving you feeling defeated?

Frustrated? Lack of time? I get it. As business owners, there’s nothing more valuable than our time and energy. Pouring your heart and soul into content that seems to vanish into the abyss can drive you batsh*t crazy. Lucky for you, we thrive on turning that frustration into fuel for epic transformations. Do Epic Sh*t Media specializes in crafting social media strategies that stop thumbs and turn heads. From content creation to platform mastery, we analyze, optimize and deliver. Your social game? It’s about to get hot! 

Helping brands do epic sh*t one at a time.

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Where the F*cking
Magic Happens

We don’t do cookie cutter content. We do epic sh*t that’ll make you question why you ever settled for mediocrity in the first place. From viral campaigns that broke the internet to engagement strategies that make our competitors cry in envy, we’ve grown dozens of businesses using our proven, no-BS, social media management methods. We won’t bore you with pretentious jargon or inflated egos. We let our results speak for themselves.

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Meet the Founder of Do Epic Sh*t Media

Hi, I’m Gina Buggy– The badass behind this Epic Sh*t!

Welcome to the Epic Sh*t show, my friend! I’ve always believed in pushing the boundaries in life to achieve greatness. I march to the beat of my own drum, and that’s exactly why I am successful today. For 15 years, I poured my soul into teaching and making a difference in the classroom. But life had other plans for me.

My journey from teaching to becoming a social media manager was WILD AF, to say the least! But I wouldn’t change a thing. Today, I am the founder and mastermind of Do Epic Sh*t Media, where we’re rewriting the rules of social media management. I’m here to help you take over the f*cking world!

We’re Kind Of A Big Deal

“Hi Gina! Holy S**T! The reel is amazing! Way to go, Gina, for making the risky move!”

– Bill Betts, Canna Re Group

“Gina is an incredible resource and a pleasure to work with.”

– Kami Minnite-Castro

“Gina Buggy is a rockstar! Great communicator, great execution and all-around badass.”

– Reagan Hatch, Co-Owner CannaSite

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