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Do Epic Sh*t Media

Where Raw Honesty Meets Social Media Strategy.

At Do Epic Sh*t Media, we’re rewriting the rules of social media management. We believe in being real, honest and straightforward because, let’s face it, the world of social media can feel like a maze of smoke and mirrors. We’re not here to put on a show. We’re here to get results.

Our mantra is simple…

We  tell  it  like  it  f*cking  is.

No sugarcoating, no bullsh*t, just epic results.

Gina Buggy

Meet the Rebel Running the Show

Gina Buggy, the badass CEO of Do Epic Sh*t Media, has always been one to defy convention. After 15 years of teaching, Gina packed up her desk and decided to venture into the world of social media – it’s no surprise she’s evolved into an incredible guide for her clients.

If Gina knows anything, it’s that doing YOU leads to massive success online. Her no-BS approach, combined with a gritty passion for her craft, results in massive results for her clients, who are often in unconventional (and completely badass) industries. It takes one strong woman with unwavering confidence to leave the kind of impact Gina does.

Gina calls on her clients to push boundaries and tell their stories without apology. When you work with Gina, you get what you get – and every single one of her clients RAVES about what they get.

Our Mission?

Do Epic Sh*t.

Gina’s approach to social media management is built on a foundation of no-nonsense transparency and custom content creation tailored to each client’s unique needs. At Do Epic Sh*t Media, we’re here to cut through the noise, break the mold and deliver outcomes that matter!! With a commitment to quality and Gina’s unapologetic attitude, we’ll teach you exactly how to conquer the digital landscape with confidence.

We Don’t F*ck Around with Values

When you choose Do Epic Sh*t Media, you’re not just hiring a social media manager. You’re hiring a fearless partner who dares to be different. We’re here to elevate your online presence, create jaw-dropping content and help you stand out in a crowded digital world.

Chanel Worthy Services

We have high standards and we’re not afraid to admit it. Average just isn’t in our vocabulary. Expect nothing less than epic shit from us.

Punctual Rockstars

We’re punctual as hell because we don’t mess around with your time. If we say it, we slay it, right on the f*cking dot.

Clear as F*ck

Our transparency is crystal clear, like a shot of top-shelf tequila. No secrets, no hidden agendas. Just raw, unapologetic honesty.
Are you ready to embrace the epic?

Your audience is waiting.


Get to Know Gina Buggy
How long have you been a social media manager?

I started freelancing for a media company three years ago, and I could NOT believe what I was missing out on. While it was hard to leave my teaching job, I knew I wanted to do MORE. Three years later, I’ve worked with dozens of businesses and I’m never looking back!

What is your favorite part of your job?

The whole process behind being a social media manager lights me up. I mean…what’s NOT to love?! I LOVE the freedom and don’t get me started on the thrill I get from creating sh*t and watching the engagement roll in. One of my favorite aspects of the job is hopping on monthly check-in calls with my clients and sharing how Do Epic Sh*t Media has turned their platforms into money-making MACHINES! It’s a high like no other… well, I guess it depends on the strain ;).

What sets you apart from other social media managers?

I don’t play by the rules. The brands I work with aren’t afraid to put it all out there, and neither am I. When brands come to Do Epic Sh*t Media for help, they gain a partner, not a puppet. I wasn’t playing around when I said Do Epic Sh*t Media was clearer than top-shelf tequila! Besides, who has time for white glove services when you can have Chanel instead?

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started but isn’t ready to outsource their social media just yet?

DO. EPIC. SH*T!!! I know it’s cliche, but if you don’t try to put YOUR best foot forward, you’ll never take off! If you want to go viral one day, you CAN make that happen. If you want to build a strong community, you CAN make that happen. But it’s not going to happen by copying someone else. You need to do sh*t differently. You need to do it like YOU.